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Toothpaste binders are Thickening agents that thicken toothpaste and hold (or bind) the ingredients together and stabilise the toothpaste formula. They include mineral colloids, natural gums, seaweed colloids or synthetic cellulose. Binders in toothpaste play a crucial role in sample texture as they control or modify toothpaste rheology in terms of viscosity, thixotropy, and yield value. Binders will often be used in combination to achieve a desired consistency.


Carrageenans are a family of naturally occurring polysaccharides extracted from red seaweeds, offering a range of distinctive properties to a plethora of applications – used by the dentifrice industry for specific gelling, thickening, and stabilizing applications.

Viscarin® imparts excellent rheological properties. The thixotropic properties of dilute Viscarin® gels allow the system to be fluidized by agitation or shear and will reheal quickly when allowed to stand quiescently. This property helps in toothpaste manufacturing systems where there is a lot of shears, pumping activities.

With over 60 years of experience in the development and production of Gum Carrageenan products, FMC, USA is a resourceful and reliable partner, with a broad array of Viscarin® binders. High-quality  Viscarin® is manufactured under the stringent requirements of ISO 9001 certification — which applies not only to production but also to storage and shipping. The raw materials of the offered product are examined by experienced professionals and quality controllers at the time of procurement.

SARIN Industries is the authorized distributor of Viscarin®, a natural toothpaste binder. Consistent uninterrupted supplies of Viscarin® over the last four decades, to the India region, continues to be the hallmark of FMC.



CEKOL®  – Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose – Cellulose Gum

Dental requirements of discerning consumers are changing. Toothpaste with actives, on product performance over traditional formulations, are on the rise, especially in emerging economies. Oral care health goes beyond just teeth. Gums, mouth, throat, better smile with a freshening aspect, is gaining importance. CP Kelco’s time proven Cekol® CMC, is the most commonly used binder in toothpaste systems.

Cekol® is available in many grades viz: Cekol 2000, Cekol 2000A, Cekol 500, etc., tailor made to meet the needs of the toothpaste manufacturers, at a different price point. They are economically priced for the performance provided. Cekol® grades have suitable water binding properties, good enough for the toothpaste marketed in the India region, primarily a tropical climate. The thick mouth feel, process versatility, compatible to a wide variety of formulations, opaque cum clear gels, and processes.

CP Kelco, with extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process since its startup in early 1940, is the leading producer of CMC. With such expertise, backed by customer’s support and cooperation, the volumes have grown year on year. This also allows CP Kelco to tailor product performance to exacting customer specifications. This strength possessed has been used to advantage by offering a range of CMC’s in a competitive market. Fine tuning the rheological properties of a formula, these CMC’s enable improvement shelf life, stability, gloss or stripe definition, very much required for success.

The raw material is majorly tree pulp and cotton linters, the function of which is to thicken, water-bind, emulsify, etc. All the CMC from the stable of CP Kelco are water soluble.


toothbrush-(2)  Stabilise emulsions over a wide range of temperatures

toothbrush-(2)  Are highly resistant to enzyme degradation

toothbrush-(2)  Provide uniform coating and suspension of abrasives

toothbrush-(2)  Are soluble in, and interactive with, polyols

toothbrush-(2)  Are effective in difficult environments (complex ingredients, high salts, natural extracts)

toothbrush-(2)  Stabilize by three mechanisms: viscosity, gelation and interactions

toothbrush-(2)  Provide exceptional shelf-life with minimal texture or viscosity change


toothbrush-(2)  Disperse easily, suitable for ambient or hot processing

toothbrush-(2)  Are compatible with most existing dentifrice ingredients


toothbrush-(2)  Are capable of generating a wide range of textures [liquids, soft pastes, firm gels]

toothbrush-(2)  Produce excellent ribbon that stand up on the tooth brush [repels brush pin, no sagging, no accumulation of sediment]

toothbrush-(2)  Generate rapid flavour release with no flavour masking

toothbrush-(2)  Increase surface sheen/gloss of dentifrice

toothbrush-(2)  Capable of producing sparkling clear gels