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DupontSARIN Industries brings forth a wide assortment of filaments for the brush industry. We are the Accredited Distributors of DuPont Filaments for India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and Nepal. The part of a brush that does the work is the filament. The material of the filament is chosen to withstand hazards of its application, such as corrosive substances, heat or abrasion. SARIN Industries stocks filaments of a large variety – color, diameter and quantity, to cater to the brush industry in general. Our Filaments are used in many different brush applications viz: dental care industry, cosmetic and industrial brushes. Today, we successfully cater to the demands of our customers and deliver unmatched quality products all across the subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal).


DuPont filaments are manufactured in ISO 9002-qualified plants. For more than 70 years, DuPont has been pioneering innovative synthetic filaments to enable brush manufacturers to address emerging trends and meet evolving consumer expectations. Whether you manufacture cosmetic brushes, toothbrushes, industrial brushes or paint brushes, DuPont Filaments has a reliable, high-performance solution to meet your product design requirements. In addition to offering a broad range of innovative synthetic filaments, we understand the importance of providing you with the technical data you need to make design decisions. Tynex®, Tynex® A, Chinex®, Herox® and Orel® are DuPont registered trademarks for its filaments that are used in premium quality brushes.

Natrafil® is an innovative synthetic filament that feels and performs like natural hair, bringing customized solutions to cosmetic brands and brush manufacturers.


  Tynex® 612 Nylon level filaments for toothbrushes

  Tynex® 612 Nylon fine filaments for cosmetic brushes

  Tynex® 612 Nylon tapered filaments for paintbrushes

  Herox® 610 Nylon level filaments for toothbrushes

  Orel® polyester tapered filaments for paintbrushes

  Tynex® A 612 Nylon abrasive filaments for industrial brushes



  Industrial brushes

  Cosmetic brushes

  Oral care brushes

  Vacuum cleaner brushes

  Cosmetic brushes

  Polishing brushes

  Clothes brushes

  Paint brushes

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