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SARIN Industries is one of the eminent supplier and distributor of Viscarin® – Gum Carrageenan – Irish Moss Extract (Toothpaste Binder), ‘Cekol’ – Sodium CMC (Toothpaste Binder) and Sodium Saccharin (Toothpaste Sweetener). SARIN Industries has a growing presence in the toothpaste industry and gained recognition as a reliable source of raw materials and machinery for the oral care manufacturers in particular and the brush industry in general all across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. We even catered to few territories of Russia, Tanzania, Belarus and Iran.

We source competitively priced, quality products from well established,  recognized manufacturers – FMC BioPolymer, CP Kelco & Blue CIircle. The offered product is examined by experienced professionals and quality controllers at the time of procurement. Today, we have positioned ourselves as one of the key distributors of Toothpaste binder and sweetener in the toothpaste industry.


toothbrush-(2)  Irish Moss Extract / Gum Carrageenan i.e Viscarin from FMC, USA

toothbrush-(2)  Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose i.e Cekol from CP Kelco, Finland

toothbrush-(2)  Sodium Saccharin from Blue Circle Organics Pvt Ltd, India


Over the time SARIN Group has developed core competency in setting up toothpaste plants and supply high-quality equipment having wide applications in oral care industry.

toothbrush-(2)  Gel Kettle

toothbrush-(2)  Main Dopp Mixer

toothbrush-(2)  Homogeniser

toothbrush-(2)  Boiler

toothbrush-(2)  SS Tanks

toothbrush-(2)  Water Ionizer

toothbrush-(2)  Vacuum Pumps

toothbrush-(2)  Tube Fillers


toothbrush-(2)  Major toothpaste brands

toothbrush-(2)  Brand owners

toothbrush-(2)  Small Scale toothpaste Industry

toothbrush-(2)  Manufacturer of toothpaste


Toothpaste that meets consumer expectations should have no lumps, graininess or air bubbles and good consistency. These qualities are in turn are affected by the selection of raw materials, manufacturing procedure and quality control. Toothpaste should have a good thickness and a low thixotropy so that, when squeezed out of a tube, a clean break off is achieved when the desired amount has been extruded. The toothpaste should also be firm enough as not to sink in, but stand up well on the brush.

Toothpaste contains the following ingredients:

toothbrush-(2)  Binders

toothbrush-(2)  Abrasives

toothbrush-(2)  Humectants

toothbrush-(2)  Flavors

toothbrush-(2)  Sweeteners

toothbrush-(2)  Fluorides

toothbrush-(2)  Tooth whiteners

toothbrush-(2)  Preservative

toothbrush-(2)  Water

Binders in toothpaste play a crucial role in sample texture as they control or modify toothpaste rheology in terms of viscosity, thixotropy, and yield value. Binders will often be used in combination to achieve a desired consistency. The texture and consistency of toothpaste is therefore controlled by adjusting the binder content.


Binders thicken toothpastes. They prevent separation of the solid and liquid components, especially during storage. They also affect the speed and volume of foam production, the rate of flavor release and product dispersal, the appearance of the toothpaste ribbon on the toothbrush, and the rinsibility from the toothbrush. Some binders are karaya gum, bentonite, sodium alginate, methylcellulose, carrageenan, and magnesium aluminum silicate.


Toothpastes contain flavours and sweeteners to make it pleasant to the palate. The most commonly used humectants (sorbitol and glycerin) have a sweetness level about 60% of table sugar. They require an artificial flavor to make the toothpaste palatable. Saccharin is the most common sweetener used, though some toothpaste contains ammoniated diglyzzherizins and/or aspartame.